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Home design calculator KLUCH (“key” in Russian) is a presentation program for professionals and does not create design by itself. Using the website of our Art Design Studio, you can easily calculate the cost of the project and place an order.

Real estate

How will the property look like after the repairs and decoration? This is the main question of the buyer. He does not need concrete walls, the buyer wants to see his dream. The apartment with developer’s finish is a great but expensive option. Different people prefers different design styles so it also brings confusion. It is necessary to decorate several apartments in different styles and colors.

KLUCH is the solution to the need. All the apartments are created in virtual reality, with different styles and colors options. As a result, the sales office gets ready-to-use tablets, which show all the apartments for sale. The tablet is synchronized with the apartment, showing on the screen the finished interior. The possibility to switch different colors and stylistic options gives the buyer the opportunity to choose an estate he would like to buy.

Professional use

All presentations are created directly on the tablet. There are only two essential elements. First: a panoramic photo or a render for each camera point. Second: an apartment building plan to determine the camera points.

Turn KLUCH (key)

You like how it looks, but you have no desire and time to create the presentations by your own? We can do it for you. We will assembly and install ready-made presentations, according to all your wishes.

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Works on


In development. Will be available in March 2020

PRIVACY POLICY while using the KLUCH mobile application


This section is constantly growing, as KLUCH app popularity is on the rise among TV shows, interior design studios, estate agencies and many more. It’s actively used in the design of private and public spaces. KLUCH also helps with historical content presentations like museums, decorations presentations, smart home development, designing wine and quest rooms and so on. The list grows every day!

KLUCH VR in YotaArena design

An excerpt from Business Secrets 3.0 show: Oleg Tinkov talked with Anton Cherepennikov – the founder and co-owner of eSports holding ESforce, which includes 14 eSports companies

Options and Features

Free Standard Pro
Panoramas per camera
Cameras per plan
PIN lock
Customer Logo at start
Import/Export projects
Import/Export tablet image
Logo on panoramas
FREE $ 15 $ 45


allows you to walk through the created space

We are already testing the version 2.0 of the program that allows you to walk through the created space. Since the process of creating a scene is more complicated, this kind of presentation are offered only for the real estate agencies and for residential complexes orders.


For a deeper immersion into large and complex projects, together with the presentation on the tablet we propose to use a virtual reality, that allows a full walk through the various versions of the proposed future and choose an option for implementation. We make presentations and are ready to deliver a hardware and software package for interiors and landscapes demonstration


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